Independence Day is tomorrow!  And for a state/city that often winds up on the butt-end of "national polls and surveys" (most-unhappy, most-divorced, most-obese, ect...), this research done by ASecureLife actually said we do something WELL!

ASecureLife's research showed that Indiana is actually the fourth safest state when it comes to the Fourth of July!  They analyzed data regarding dangers that commonly surround the holiday, like wildfires and drunk driving as an example, and determined that this was one national study Indiana did not suck in!

Also, since we finally have something nice...  LET'S NOT RUIN IT!  Here are a few tips to keep safe this and every Fourth of July!



*Never use illegal fireworks

*Don't let children use fireworks without supervision

*Always have a fire extinguisher or hose ready

*Never re-light a dud




*Don't spray lighter fluid on an open flame

*Don't leave your active grill unattended

*Don't leave lighter fluid next to the grill

*Don't grill inside an enclosed area, like a garage

*Keep the grill far away from your house, or anything that could catch fire


Paralympic Swimming Tournament - Aquece Rio Test Event for the Rio 2016 Paralympics
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*ALWAYS keep an eye on your children

*Kids CAN drown in a kiddie pool, with as little as two inches of water

*If you're going to a beach, be cautious of rip tides


Airplane in the sky and cloud at sunrise
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*Wear sunblock

*The higher the SPF, the better!

*Stay in the shade whenever possible

*Drink plenty of water


Roxie and her sister, Leila
Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl


*Always have collars on your pets

*Do not bring your dog to a fireworks show...  They don't like them

*Keep your pets indoors

*Ask your guests not to let your animals outside, even if it's normally OK

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