When it comes to satisfying our taste buds, exploring different cuisines can be an exciting adventure. In Indiana, it appears that one cuisine stands out among the rest, according to a recent analysis of Google search data from Pricelisto. Here are the Top 5 in the Hoosier State.

Mexican Cuisine: A Flavorful Fiesta

Mexican cuisine takes the crown as the most popular, with an average of 111,952 monthly searches. Let's delve deeper into the flavors that have captured the hearts and palates of Indiana residents. Mexican cuisine has gained worldwide fame for its vibrant flavors and diverse dishes.



From mouthwatering tacos and burritos to traditional breakfast delights like chilaquiles, this cuisine offers an array of enticing options. Indiana residents have clearly embraced the rich heritage of Mexican cuisine, as evident from the high search volume. Additionally, no discussion about Mexican cuisine is complete without mentioning the iconic Margarita, a refreshing cocktail that adds zest to any meal.

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Chinese Cuisine: A Fusion of Tradition and Adaptation

Coming in at number two in Indiana's culinary scene is Chinese cuisine, with a monthly average of 94,884 searches. Chinese food has earned popularity across the United States due to its affordability, comforting flavors, and adaptability.


Popular dishes like Orange Chicken and General Tso's Chicken showcase the fusion of traditional flavors with American tastes. Chinese cuisine's ability to cater to various dietary preferences, such as offering vegetarian options, further contributes to its appeal.

Indian Cuisine: Spice, Flavor, and Street Food Delights

With 42,222 monthly searches, Indian cuisine claims the third spot in Indiana's culinary preferences. India's rich spice culture and diverse regional cuisines create a delightful tapestry of flavors.



While Indian food is often associated with spiciness, it offers a wide range of tastes and spice levels to suit different palates. In addition to curry and lentils, Indian street food has gained popularity, offering inexpensive and aromatic dishes that captivate food enthusiasts worldwide.

Italian Cuisine: Fresh Flavors and Comforting Classics

Italian cuisine, ranking fourth with 31,918 monthly searches, brings a taste of Mediterranean freshness to Indiana. Highlighting the natural flavors of ingredients, Italian dishes are beloved for their simplicity and quality.


From the renowned San Marzano tomatoes to classic pasta and pizza, Italian cuisine offers a comforting and universal appeal. It's important to note that the search data does not fully capture the popularity of Italian cuisine, as searches for pizza and pasta were excluded, which are quintessential Italian culinary delights.

Thai Cuisine: A Symphony of Herbs, Spices, and Delicate Flavors

Rounding out the top five in Indiana is Thai cuisine, with 24,732 monthly searches. Thai food delights with its bold combinations of herbs, spices, and the distinctive flavor of fish sauce (Nam Pla). The popularity of Thai cuisine can be attributed to its fusion of Chinese influences with unique Thai herbs and spices. From curries to dipping sauces, Thai dishes showcase a harmonious balance of sweet, spicy, sour, and salty flavors.


No Shortage of Delicious Eats in the Hoosier State

Exploring the culinary landscape of Indiana reveals a deep appreciation for diverse flavors and global cuisines. Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Thai cuisines have captivated the palates of Indiana residents, offering a wide range of tastes and culinary experiences. Whether you crave the spice and sizzle of Mexican cuisine or the comforting classics of Italian fare, Indiana's vibrant food scene has something to satisfy every appetite.

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