Whether we like it or not, in just a couple of weeks we will turn the clocks back one hour.

Time is the Subject of Many Debates

Daylight Saving Time (DST) has been a subject of debate and discussion across different regions, often sparking varied opinions and implications for communities. In the United States, the observance of DST has historically been a topic of contention, with states having the option to either participate or abstain.

PHOTO: canva time Indiana
PHOTO: canva time Indiana

One such state that has had a complex relationship with DST is Indiana. With a unique history of intermittently adopting and rejecting DST, Indiana's approach to time changes has stirred discussions about its impact on the state's economy, public health, and daily life.

Economic Impact

The influence of Daylight Saving Time on Indiana's economy has been a matter of interest for policymakers and businesses. Proponents of DST argue that the additional hour of daylight in the evening boosts consumer spending and promotes outdoor activities, thus benefiting the retail and tourism sectors. On the contrary, critics contend that the disruption caused by the time changes can lead to productivity losses and increased operational costs for businesses, especially those operating across state lines.

 What Do The Sleep Experts Think?

Experts with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine are in full support of adopting a year-round standard time. The video below shows data and answers questions about the health risks of gaining and losing an hour twice every year.

When Do We Turn the Clocks Back in Indiana?

Sunday, November 5, 2023, 2:00:00 am 

This means we will gain that hour of sleep that we lost in March.

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