Bathrooms today are getting more and more high-tech. You never know when you will encounter an auto-activated toilet, sink, soap dispenser, or paper towel dispenser of some kind. There have been times when I thought I might need instructions to make some of those things work. You would expect to see fancy, smancy bathroom appliances - and maybe even instructions - in a fancy, smancy bathroom. I would think that one would NOT expect to need instructions while using the bathroom at a campground - apparently, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) thinks differently.


Do We Really Need a Sign for That?

Next time you're watching TV, watch a few of the ads instead of flipping or fast-forwarding through a commercial break. You will most likely see some sort of disclaimer - most often it's something like "Professional driver on a closed road. Do not attempt." Maybe you've seen a ridiculous warning label on a product - something like "Do NOT iron shirt while wearing" (that's a real warning, by the way). You've probably seen those and thought, "Do we really need a sign for that?" The answer is YES, because there are probably people out there who have tried to iron their shirt while it was on their body.

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The sign below has me asking the same question, and wondering if it was inspired by the actions of actual human beings.

Okay, So How Does This Thing Work Again?

This brilliant work of art was posted in a bathroom at Mounds State Recreation Area in Brookville, IN. I am so glad someone took a picture because I probably wouldn't believe such a thing exists if I didn't see it myself. The poster, which comes from the Indiana DNR, illustrates a series of do's and don'ts for those using the bathroom - things that you probably assumed were common sense, but apparently are not.

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Facebook/Indiana State Park Camping

My favorite is the very first picture - reminding us NOT to stand on the toilet seat. Is that a common problem? When was the last time you stood on a toilet? I can understand, maybe, a young child doing something like that, but they would probably be too young to even read the instructions - so I have to assume it is meant for adults.

Have you seen this poster at other campgrounds in Indiana? I'm curious if this is a problem all across the Hoosier state or maybe just in Brookville. I wonder if the DNR has similar posters for other seemingly everyday activities?

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