Before you say it's too early to start thinking about Halloween, let me just say that in a normal year, probably. But, 2020 has been the most un-normal that any of us have lived through. So, if rushing ahead to the end of October makes us feel better, just go with it.

It's actually going to start looking like Halloween in just a couple weeks, when Spirit Halloween opens in Evansville. Since we've tried to have fun with the situation we're in, with topics like, 'If 2020 was a Person, Who Would it Be?', and 'If 2020 was a Song, What would it Be?' We decided to find out what comes to mind when we ask, 'If 2020 was a Halloween Costume, What Would it be?'.

GALLERY: Top 20 Costumes 2020 Would be, If it was a Halloween Costume

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If 2020 Were A Person

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