There's a place in Webster County, Kentucky where the sunflowers are a-plenty and welcome you with their beautiful sun-like flower heads. 

Idgie's Sunflowers, Nebo Kentucky
Idgie's Sunflowers, Nebo Kentucky

Idgie's Sunflowers is located in Nebo, Kentucky situated on the Twinmaple Gourd Farm. The couple who owns all these beautiful sunflowers have been married for almost 40 years and are empty nesters with three grown children and four grandchildren.

We feel so blessed that we own our own land and live in the country after moving every few years for most of our married life. Planting and harvest season are a time we cherish.  Nothing gives us more enjoyment than growing and selling sunflowers grown on our farm. We invite you to visit our farm and to share the joy of sunflowers that we experience every day.

Photographers are welcome to use the location on an appointment-only basis.  You can call for more information at (270) 213-3515.

Idgie's Sunflowers are available for purchase, too.  A bundle of 12 sunflowers cost $15 (20% of sales will go to supporting Teen Challenge Southeast Region - Dixon, KY).

Idgie's Sunflowers are located at 7617 State Highway 120 E
Nebo, Kentucky 42441.  You can also visit Idgie's Sunflowers on Facebook - just click HERE. 

Facts about sunflowers:

  • During growth, sunflowers tilt during the day to face the sun, but stop once they begin blooming
  • Some species can grow to a height of 300 cm (120 in) or more (Equivalent to over 9 feet tall)
  • Helianthus or sunflower is a genus of plants comprising about 70 species.  Most species are native to North America except for three species native to South America.


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