You are just asking for your identity to be stolen if you carry too much information around.


What's the Deal with Old Receipts?

Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments, passed along some tips to ABC News about the clutter that we tend to carry around. She says that we should clear out the old receipts that are taking up space. They could include personal information - even if it is just part of a credit card number. Plus, most businesses give us the option of a digital receipt.


Out with the Old

Did I mention that I am guilty of hoarding receipts? The bigger my purse, the more receipts I keep. I also hang on to expired membership cards, and those can also be used for evil by scammers. If you are hanging on to expired or canceled credit cards, you need to cut them up and throw them away. I actually kept my old driver's license, so I have two of them in my wallet. One is in color and the other is black and white, but I'm not sure why I'm hanging on to the expired one.

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The Last Four of Your Social...

The Social Security Administration has a cute little rhyme to help us remember to keep our Social Security cards safe - 'Guard Your Card.' Carrying your Social Security card in your purse or wallet is a bad idea. I am obviously full of bad ideas because I'm 3 for 3. Yes, I carry all of the things that put me at risk for identity theft. So, don't be like me!

We encourage you not to carry your Social Security card with you every day. The best way to “Guard Your Card” is to keep it in a safe place and share it only when required, which is rare. In fact, in most cases, just knowing the Social Security number should be enough. In 49 states and the District of Columbia, a Social Security card isn’t required to request a Real ID. Only Pennsylvania requires it. Please be careful about sharing your number when asked for it. You should always ask why your number is needed, how it will be used, and what will happen if you refuse. Also, you shouldn’t carry documents that display your number.

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