Yuengling released a new Hershey's Chocolate porter and I can hear the angels singing. 

Tis the season for food, sweets, and chocolate beer, apparently. Yeungling just hit Evansville within the last couple years, but it was so worth the wait. While there's a few different Yuengling flavors, the most recent Hershey's Chocolate Porter created quite the buzz.

I've seen a few different places with the Hershey's beer on tap, including Prime Time Pub and Grill in Newburgh, and Lamasco in Evansville. I headed down to Lamasco where my girl (and bridesmaid) Griffin works. Gotta keep it local, y'all.


Please ignored the emptied Patron shot in the corner. That was a mistake.

The Hershey's beer, however, was far from a mistake. I could smell the chocolatey goodness when she placed the beer in front of me. At first, it tasted like a dark porter, but the aftertaste was 100% chocolate. I will say a tad bitter chocolate, but it was tastey. I'd compare it to more of a dark chocolate flavor/bitterness that kicks in after you've swallowed your sip. I like beer, but I'm pretty picky. I finished this with no issues and I'd order it again.


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