I love it when I can get a great bargain at the grocery store.  But, this bargain had me do a double-take.  You know those tags on the shelves that catch your eye and says "Buy Me"? Well, I couldn't resist to look.  

This grocery store visit was at the Fresh Market in Evansville.  I first stopped to sample their coffee's just around the corner from the fresh flowers.  Moving on with my little green cart, I strolled down the aisles with my fresh fruit, a french baguette, flatbread pizza crusts and other items.

Hey!  Here's some more bargains!  Moving down another one of the aisles, I immediately saw a bunch of tags that jumped out at me.  Here's what one of the tags read:

credit by Deb Turner
credit by Deb Turner

I notified the store manager about this deal good through January 1999!  What year was this...um 2017, right?  He immediately thanked me for pointing out this error and also assured me that all items with the 1999 tag were all good and had not expired in 1999.

Here's an afterthought:  To the person who tagged all items "good through 1999", maybe "pre-read" the tags before attaching them to the shelves!  Or better yet, next time have a huge store sale where you Roll-Back-The-Prices from 18 years ago, ...and then we'll party like it's 1999!

Thing is, I can't remember what the price of a jar of sauerkraut cost in 1999.


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