Let me ask you a few easy questions. Do you have the MY105.3 app? From time to time we like to do app exclusive contests - and this one here is a doozy - so you need our app.

Next, does your living room need a reboot? Do you have a vision of what you would like to change if you had the chance (and money)? Finally, do you think you could recognize the living room sets from some of TV's most iconic sitcoms? Depending on how you answer those questions, you may want to play (and win) our MY Living Room Reboot contest.

How to Play

Each day we will send out an app notification linking to a picture of a famous living room. Correctly tell us which TV show the living room belongs to and you'll be qualified to win. The more correct answers you give us, the more entries you get, increasing your odds of winning.

The grand prize is over $2,200 worth of merchandise from Holder's Furniture!

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