Perhaps you've heard of 'Minute to Win It' games. They are silly little games that are usually easy to set up, easy to play and don't that don't take too long either. Liberty and I recently got to play a brand new game and, as you'll see, the proverbial deck was clearly stacked against us!

We were out at McCutchanville Elementary School, calling BINGO during a family fun night with the PTSA. Once we finished, we were invited to play Telekinetic Unicorns against some young students. Lib and I are both pretty competitive, so thought "oh it's on like Donkey Kong!"

The game is played in pairs. Teammates stand across from each other, both wearing a special unicorn headband. The headbands are connected by a piece of string that has a ring attached. The goal is to transfer the ring from one player to the next without using your hands and without bending your knees.

It's a daunting, but doable task when the players are of similar height. It' a bit more challenging, dare I say impossible, when the players heights are separated by more than 12 inches. Had the ring started on my head, we would have demolished the competition - it's all down hill! It started, instead, on Liberty's head, which meant the ring had to either travel uphill, or I had to get my head below Liberty's head without bending my knees. This is NOT a recipe for success!

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