I find myself wandering around the toy isles more and more these days. So many of the new toys seem similar to the ones that I grew up with. This could be the toy company's way of luring adults back to their childhood, and I'm okay with that.

PHOTO: canva
PHOTO: canva

Nostalgia Sells

Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other retailers agree that nostalgia is a big seller this year. No matter how old you are, sometimes it's fun to get out your old toys (If Mom and Dad saved them) and play like a kid again. So, when I see things like the Barbie Dreamhouse and Furbies trending for the holidays, I almost feel like writing my own letter to Santa.

PHOTO: canva
PHOTO: canva

Major Retailers Announce The Hottest Toys 2023

The holiday shopping season is here whether we are ready for it or not. You don't want to be the parent or relative who buys the wrong gift because all of the hottest toys are sold out. This is the time of the year when the experts tell us what is trending for Christmas, and for 2023 a lot of these toys and games will sound familiar to you.


The Barbie movie has sparked a renewed interest in Mattel's dolls. You might even see a classic Allen doll on your child's list. That might be found on eBay if you're lucky. The Barbie Dreamhouse is a hot seller this year. Of course, our classic Dreamhouse will always be the best.


Can you speak Furbish? Well, the Furbie from the '90s has evolved through the years and is on the hot list for 2023.

Disney 100

Disney fans of all ages will have something Disney 100 on their list. The Lego sets are intricate and amazing. You might have fun assembling these collectible sets with your kids and create some new Disney Christmas memories.

Target's List of the Top Toys in 2023

Target released their Top Toys 2023 list. Here are some of the toys you can expect to see on your kid's wish lists this year.

Gallery Credit: Danielle Kootman

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Walmart Top Toys of the Year 2023

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'90s Toys That Spark Instant Childhood Memories

This '90s nostalgia is sure to make you feel like a kid again.

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