I usually do not have extra rolls of paper towels to use for random life hacks. But I came across a headline that caught my attention, so I had to investigate it.

Keep Paper Towels in the Refrigerator

When I read the headline for this paper towel life hack, I honestly thought that it was going to suggest hiding an extra roll in the refrigerator. I mean, how irritating is it when you reach for a towel in the kitchen, and the roll is empty? So, keeping a roll of paper towels in the fridge seemed logical to me. But, this was not the life hack that I thought it was.

Paper Towels Keeping it Fresh

This little tip from Reader's Digest can help keep your food fresh in the refrigerator. They say you should line the crisper drawers with paper towels before you put away your leafy greens and produce. This will help keep them crisp and not wilted. I kind of thought that was the whole purpose of a crisper. Another pro tip is to put a paper towel inside the bag of lettuce or spinach, and this will also help keep it fresh longer.

PHOTO: woman cleaning fridge
PHOTO: woman cleaning fridge

Is Your Refridgerator a Germ Fest?

How often do you wipe out the crisper or meat drawers in your refrigerator? I can tell you that it is never at the top of my list of things to clean. According to State Food Safety dirty refrigerators can actually get you sick!

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15+ Life Hacks For Plastic Bread Clips

Plastic Bread Clips, aka Bag Closures are created by the Kwik Lok company in Yakima, Washington, and are used all over the country. Not only are they great for keeping bags closed and air out, but they have many other uses you might not have thought of.

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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Does Toothpaste Really Clean Your Vehicle's Foggy Headlights? [Life Hack Test]

According to Carhop.com, cloudy headlights are a relatively modern issue. Originally, car manufacturers used glass domes for the front of their headlights until sometime in the 1980s when they switched to "polycarbonate or plastic" I assume because it was cheaper. Unlike glass, plastic is more susceptible to oxidation which is caused by the UV light created naturally by the sun. Dust, debris, and road grime also contribute to clouding up your lights.

They also say toothpaste can be used to clear that cloudiness thanks to the same mild abrasives that also remove plaque and other gunk from your mouth. As someone who has to see it or try it before I believe it, I decided to give it a shot by following their steps and seeing for myself if they were right.

Gallery Credit: Ryan O'Bryan

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