If a season pass and the chance to work with Holidog aren't enough reasons to want to work at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, how about $10,000?

One new seasonal employee will win $10,000 in August, and that's just one of the many new incentives to work at Holiday World this summer. Employees will be eligible for 10 biweekly drawings for $500 throughout the summer. If you stay through the end of the 2020 season, you'll be eligible for a $5,000 drawing.

Holiday World is a great place for teachers to work during the summer, and they have a special program for teachers to earn gift cards for their classrooms. How many times have you needed a little cash before payday? You can sign up to withdraw your daily earnings before payday with an app called DailyPay.

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari will hire 2,000 seasonal employees for the 2020 season. You can start as young as age 14, and one of their oldest employees is 80. There are a lot of different positions to fill, in order to make sure each guest has the best day ever. Park President, Matt Eckert stopped by the studio to tell us more about the hiring process.

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Holiday World Perks:

  • An employee season pass
  • 50% off food
  • 20% off merchandise
  • Employee parties with exclusive ride time
  • Free access to other amusement parks and attractions in the area
  • Earn points for tickets, food, and prizes
  • Two free uniforms
  • Access to Employee Transportation program for a nominal fee
  • $10 starting wage for 18+

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