You can take a spooky lantern-guided tour of the "spookiest and most grim" locations around town!

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Indiana's First Capital

Before Indianapolis became the capital of Indiana, that honor originally went to a little town called Corydon.  Corydon, Indiana was the state's capital until 1825.

Corydon was the first state capital until the legislature made a move to its current location of Indianapolis in 1825. Corydon and Harrison County are rich in history, as evidenced by the many historic properties, caves, and landmarks easily found within this small area.

According to Corydon's town website, Corydon has a population of 3,122.

Photo by Joshua Bartell on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Bartell on Unsplash

A Short Drive from the Tri-State

Now I wish I had some really unique experiences with Corydon to share with you, but to be honest for the longest time I knew it as the "town with the Big Boy!"  When I was a kid I remember my aunt and uncle lived outside of Louisville and every time we'd visit them, we'd stop in Corydon on the way home to eat at Frisch's Big Boy.  Unfortunately, that location has since closed according to Google. But Corydon is really a short drive from the Tri-State, at about 1.5 hours from Evansville.

Real Haunted Happenings Tour

Enough with the cheeseburgers, let's get on with what you came here for, the ghosts.  With a town like Corydon that has a lot of notable history, you can imagine there are also plenty of legends surrounding the small town.

Canva/Google Maps
Canva/Google Maps

You have a chance to explore Corydon with the Real Haunted Happenings Tour, what makes this tour especially unique is the fact it is lantern-guided, so it's really like you're taking a step back in time! Here is what the Facebook event page for the Haunted Happenings Tour has to say about the event:

Discover Corydon after dark on this lantern-guided tour of the spooky and grim locations in the town. Hear stories and legends of historic events that may explain why there are spirits who roam the streets of Corydon when the sun goes down. Recommended for ages 13+.

Haunted Places in Indiana That You Can Visit

This map highlights haunted places in Indiana that you can visit! Here's a few of the places you can check out.

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