Jerry O'Connell is making the most of his Twitter, by teaching his kids all about real music. He does it in the best way possible: In the school drop off, with the windows down!

Now, it's your turn! We want to see your cringey videos, teaching your kids about the best decade of music! Crank up your favorite 80's song, sing with with or to your kiddos and record a short video clip of it. Open up the MY 105.3 App and tap the 3 horizontal lines, on the top, left side. Follow the directions to submit your video:

MY 105.3 App Step 1

After you have recorded your short clip (Around :30) Tap Submit Photo/Video/Audio

MY 105.3 App Step 2

Finally, fill in your name & email, select your video & submit.

MY 105.3 App Step 3