There are plenty of companies hiring in Evansville, but it seems like there is a shortage of applicants. This might be why some job titles are getting jazzed up, in order to get more attention.

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Rockstar Associate

This sounds like a very glamorous job title, doesn't it? In reality, some companies are swapping words like Executive or Expert with catchy words like Rockstar or Wizard. This might get your attention, but it might not be the job you are looking for. Once you read the job descriptions, you quickly realize that they have nothing to do with rockstars or wizards!


 I took a look at Indeed to see if we have any catchy job titles in Evansville. I did find several that caught my attention.

Escape Room Game Master


This job sounds like it would be full of mystery and intrigue. In reality, it is basically a customer service position, but how cool would it be to call yourself The Game Master?

The Game Master is responsible for operating the game and enhancing the guest experience by providing excellent customer service. 

This part-time position is offered by BreakOut Operations.

Museum Play Guide


This has to be a fun job - I mean PLAY is in the title! If you love working with little kids and helping to guide them through the experiences at cMoe, then you will love this job.

Play Guides are responsible for working as a team to support open-ended, child-directed play experiences within the Museum’s public spaces. 

This part-time position is offered by Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville.

Game Room Attendant


Well, this sounds like every novice gamer's dream job. But is it? I'm envisioning a lot of hand sanitizer and wiping greasy prints off of every game.

To apply at Chuck E. Cheese:

  • Be at least 15 years of age
  • Available to work various shifts
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Energetic & enthusiastic personality

Pizza Crust Master


Calling yourself a Master of anything certainly implies that you really know your stuff. The stuff we are talking about in this job is pizza dough. I used to work in the pizza biz, so I know that crafting the perfect crust really is an art form.

We are seeking a Pizza Dough Roller to join our dedicated kitchen staff! You will assist in the preparation, cooking and presentation of meals in our professional kitchen. This will be YOUR spot! You will produce the pizza crust we build our yummy pizzas on, to order.

Steve's Una Pizza pays between $12.50-$17 per hour for this position.

Cage Cashier


I couldn't help but picture a cashier stuck in a birdcage. Obviously, they aren't stuck in a cage, but the cashiers at casinos are in a protected area.

Secures of all monies, cash, chip, and paper within assigned Cage. Responsible for balancing of Cage Bank drawer.

You can see the complete job description and apply at Bally's HERE.

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