Imagine two of the best things in the world, Star Wars and Christmas, coming together in a glorious and beautiful collaboration. I'm not referring to the unintentionally hilarious 1978 televised special - I'm also not referring to the recent redo of that special from Lego Star Wars (although that is certainly worth watching). No, I'm referring to a brilliant mashup of two iconic pieces of music - the Christmas classic "Carol of the Bells" and the "Imperial March" from Star Wars.

We know that they are both beautifully written and arranged pieces, but who would have thought that they would blend so seamlessly? AtinPiano, that's who. The YouTube channel features "Piano Covers of Videogame and Movie Soundtracks." The creator is a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd, so don't be surprised to see a majority of his videos feature some form of Star Wars music.

The music is so well done that simply listening to it, by itself, would be enough, but what takes AtinPiano's videos to the next level (in my opinion) is getting to see the songs being played. Each video features an overhead shot of two hands playing the song, but each note is highlighted throughout the piece (think Guitar Hero or Rock Band). For me, this added feature really demonstrates how difficult the piece is, and gives me a whole new appreciation for the pianist. This particular video has a couple neat little nods to Star Wars - the hands playing the piano are clad in the awesome Stormtrooper armor, and a watermarked image of Darth Vader rockin' a Santa hat.. I just love everything about it!

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