As we continue on in the age of the stream most of us, if not all of us, have at least one streaming service.  Here we spend hours upon hours being entertained by the latest binge-worthy show or a great movie.  One of the most recent, and probably my favorite, services is HBO Max.  They have a ton of great content including South Park, The Big Band Theory, and, of course, a ton of DC shows and movies.  Not to mention early access to new movies like Mortal Combat and the Latest Conjuring movie.

However, this past weekend I had some serious issues with HBO Max.  For some reason when I go to watch a show or movie the page buffers for about 15 seconds and then shoots me back to the home screen.  Or (and this part is really weird) instead of playing the show or movie HBO Max will ask me if I want to sign up for the service.  Uh, I already pay for this thing why are you asking me this?

I have done some digging and it appears that I am not the only one who is having some weird issues with HBO Max.  I found a forum on Down and turns out a lot of people are having similarly strange problems.  One person even talked about how he was having issues with his kid’s account.  They said that their child started a show a couple of days ago and went back to finish it just yesterday.  But HBO Max was saying that the parent needed to grant permission to watch the show even though they had already been doing so.  As an added kicker this person can not go and change any parental settings because HBO Max keeps kicking him off.

I know the tweet says Apple TV viewers but I think it is happening on several other devices.  So, hopefully, when they fix this issue we all can go back to enjoying HBO Max in all of its glory.

In case you have more issues you can check this page to see how you might be able to fix them.

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