I don't know if you're ready for the amount of awesomeness you're about to see. Just to be safe, you should probably go to the bathroom, and then rehydrate, because here comes the Hoff! The man who drove the coolest car in the 80's, saved all those lives in the 90's, and sold millions of records, and broke millions of hearts in Germany recently popped up in my YouTube feed in one of the most amazing music videos I've ever seen.

Do you remember Kung Fury? It was a 30-minute film released straight to YouTube back in 2015. It's a perfectly done homage to all of the over-the-top action movies we loved back in the day - and in case it wasn't already awesome enough, the filmmakers included the Hoff to put it over the edge. Hasselhoff lends his golden pipes to the Kung Fury soundtrack with a song called "True Survivor," and it is glorious, especially the first 22 seconds. And you know what, the song itself isn't half bad.

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Full disclosure here, this video is nearly six years old - for some reason though, I'm just now seeing it for the first time. I remember Kung Fury coming out but somehow missed this musical masterpiece. Now I want to share it with you - so sit back, relax and enjoy the next four minutes of Hawsomeness (I tried to combine Hasselhoff and awesomeness, not sure if it works).

In more current news, reports are saying that the Hoff is set to star in a new German TV show called Ze Network. The dark comedy will feature Hasselhoff playing himself, an actor working on a theatre production when he finds himself caught up in an international conspiracy of former Cold War assassins. Say what you want about it, but Hasselhoff has a history of knowing what his German fans want.

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