Throughout the holiday season, we feature local choirs, bands and singers in a segment called 'Kringle's Kids'. For the past couple of years, we were able to go out and record the students, but this year, we requested online submissions. I'm so glad that Cobus Morgan emailed me information about Kait Madison, so we could feature her on The MY Morning Show with Bobby & Liberty.

I was completely blown away by Kait's voice and her beautifully written song, 'White Christmas with You'. Kait lives in Haubstaudt, IN and travels to Nashville to write and record with other artists. She currently has four original songs and pretty amazing videos to go along with them.

After talking with her for just a few minutes, I can tell you that Kait is a very humble artist, and serves God in everything that she does. Kait has worked at the Evansville Dream Center, and you can tell that she loves helping people with all of her heart.

Listen to my interview with Kait, and then check out her videos and social media.

The Tri-State was certainly impressed by Kait. I received several pics and screenshots of her radio debut. Jonathan Weaver was an instant fan. He was the second person ever to Shazam her song, and that's pretty cool!

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