Many restaurants in the Tri-State have had special menus for Mardi Gras. If you are searching for Paczki Donuts, they are at Donut Bank locations, but only through Fat Tuesday (2/25/20). 

Maybe you've never heard of these sugary treats, well I've done plenty of research on this topic. I've been on the hunt for beignets, every since I tried them at Disney World. Every time that I search beignet, paczki also comes up, but they are not the same thing.

By the description, paczki seem to have about the same recipe as a beignet, except they are filled with fruit jellies or custard. paczki pronounced (Ponch-Key) is actually a polish treat that is popular right before Lent. I tried one of these, but it was not from Donut Bank, and I'm sure that theirs are better.

I have not been able to fin true beignets in the Tri-State. There are 24 hour cafes on New Orleans that have them, if anyone is up for a road trip!

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