I didn't watch Gilmore Girls until a couple of years ago. Though I was a huge Dawson's Creek fan in high school, Gilmore Girls came about right after my infatuation with relationships and on-screen drama. I was in college and I shared a dorm with about 100 giant football players. We didn't exactly tune into the CW on the communal TV each week to find out if Luke's in or Luke's out. So, it took me a quarter of a century, but I finally came to realize that GG should be on my TV bucket list.

I loved almost everything about the show. I loved the perfectly imperfect relationship between mother and daughter. I loved that I could watch it with my young daughter. I loved the slow pace. I loved that there weren't constant over-the-top cliff hangers. I gave up on Grey's Anatomy a long time ago because the constant barrage of bomb threats and plane crashes and weekly occurrence of characters dying off was just too much for me.

If you too love the Gilmore Girls, plan to watch the series continuation on the CW. It will air the four-part series as a four-night event during Thanksgiving week, beginning Monday, Nov. 23 and concluding Thursday, Nov. 26.

If you haven't seen it yet DO NOT READ FURTHER. Spoilers!!!





I'm pregnant...

They were the last two lines of The Gilmore Girls reboot - A Year in the Life. Uttered by the younger Gilmore girl, Rory, the famous last words were ones that show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino knew she wanted to end with from the start of the show. Those two monumental words acted as the cliffhanger to the four-part mini-series event on Netflix.

I'm going to go out on a limb that might end up in legions of devoted fans banging at my door demanding my resignation but I have to be honest - I thought A Year in the Life stunk. And here's why...


As I said before, I appreciated the slow pace of the show so you might understand why jamming all the drama into four episodes was a lot for me. It felt rushed, disheveled, and just untrue to the original story line. Besides that minor blip during college when Rory wanted to become a debutant, Rory "failing at life" just is out of character. And the bar song scene with her and Logan and college friends - what was that? Don't any of them have adult lives by now?

I guess it was the way they got her to go back to Stars Hollow but it felt like a last resort - not a welcome change. The storyline didn't feel well "thought out" to me. It felt like an afterthought. Rory all of a sudden can't make it in her career anymore so she has to go home. Hmm.

And I totally get that the entire dynamic of the show is based on Lorelai and Emily's inability to get over the past but seriously? Still doing this after ALL. THIS. TIME? Dude, give it a rest. Or at least don't make it the entire focal point of an episode. YOU ONLY HAVE FOUR. I did like the fact that Emily chose to finally move on and get a life. A real life. I'm also glad Lorelai had her epiphany while not hiking. It just seems she would have taken her daughter along for the journey. It's how the original always seemed to work out the big, hard emotions.

Anyway, when it was announced that A Year in the Life  would be running on the CW Thanksgiving weekend, and Rory will again be announcing entering single motherhood.

Ready to re-watch A Year in the Life? The CW will air the four-part as a four-night event during Thanksgiving week, beginning Monday, Nov. 23 and concluding Thursday, Nov. 26.

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