I didn't watch Gilmore Girls until a couple of years ago. Though I was a huge Dawson's Creek fan in high school, Gilmore Girls came about right after my infatuation with relationships and on-screen drama. I was in college and I shared a dorm with about 100 giant football players. We didn't exactly tune into the CW on the communal TV each week to find out if Luke's in or Luke's out. So, it took me a quarter of a century, but I finally came to realize that GG should be on my TV bucket list.

I loved almost everything about the show. I loved the perfectly imperfect relationship between mother and daughter. I loved that I could watch it with my young daughter. I loved the slow pace. I loved that there weren't constant over-the-top cliff hangers. I gave up on Grey's Anatomy a long time ago because the constant barrage of bomb threats and plane crashes and weekly occurrence of characters dying off was just too much for me.

There was a rumor going around that the second installment of a year in the life would be airing this Thanksgiving but it's actually just a re-airing of the first Year in the Life on the CW. If you love the Gilmore Girls, plan to watch the series continuation on the CW. It will air the four-part series as a four-night event during Thanksgiving week, beginning Monday, Nov. 23 and concluding Thursday, Nov. 26.


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