When I lived in Princeton, the only way to enjoy the unique taste of Sandy's Pizza was to drive the 15 or so miles to Ft. Branch. You could also order ahead and have a delivery driver meet you halfway in a parking lot. In 2015, a second Sandy's Pizza location opened in Princeton, but soon Gibson County will be back down to only 1 Sandy's Pizza.

48 Years in the Pizza Business

My grandparents used to rave about the peppers that you could get at Sandy's Pizza. Something about the way they marinated them, and I loved the crust. The original Ft. Branch location is basically a building full of history.

The Coke Room Seats 70 - The Elvis Room is Pretty Special


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Sandy's Pizza Closing

Due to ongoing difficulties in staffing, Sandy’s Pizza in Princeton Indiana will be consolidated into our Fort Branch restaurant and the Princeton location will be closed on August 15, 2022. Some restaurant equipment will be available for sale and the building is available for lease. Sandy’s Pizza in Fort Branch will function the same as it has for the past 48 years. We sincerely thank the people in the Princeton area for supporting our restaurant there and look forward to continuing to serve you through our Fort Branch location.
Contact Dan Bittner about equipment purchases at 812-453-7254

2007 Domino's / 2018 Sandy's Pizza

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Princeton Location will close August 15, 2022


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