This might be the first article that I've ever written in the unexplained or haunted category. I believe that there are spirits around us, mostly to protect us, and hearing about experiences that have happened on a road in Princeton, Kentucky might prove that my theory is right.

A few years ago, my husband Doug worked for the state of Kentucky. Sometimes his work would take him on road trips through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Land of the Lakes area. It would also take him through a haunted area of Princeton, Kentucky.

google maps
google maps

So, when he came home all freaked out one afternoon, I could tell that something out of the ordinary had happened to him. He said that the route that he and a co-worker took led them down Crider Dulaney Rd. In the ghost hunter / paranormal world this area is known as Gravity Hill.

He told me the story about the area, and what experienced certainly backed up the haunted history of Princeton, KY. A long time ago, a family of two sisters and a dad were traveling along the roadway, and they were hit head-on and all three were killed. Their human story ended here, and their supernatural lives began.

Ghost Road
Ghost Road

Do You Believe?

I need to let you know that as I'm writing this, Doug has reminded me that he doesn't believe in stuff like this, but it creeped him out...And I think he's a believer now. Why? Well, the legend is that if you put your vehicle in neutral, the family will PUSH your vehicle uphill, to get it out of the way so you don't get hit like they did.

Did it Really Happen?

He swears the car moved by itself, and he doesn't just make up stories.


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