Remember the days when you and your friends could go hang out at the arcade? You could spend hours and hours there, or at least until you ran out of money. It didn't have to be an actual arcade either. I remember pumping a bunch of quarters into the Pole Position game at All-Star Bowl on the east side of Indianapolis. One of Liberty's favorites was playing Pac-Man game at Pizza Hut.

Our worlds really changed when video games became more readily available at home. Just think about the countless hours you spent playing those old school consoles, whether it was Atari, Nintendo, Sega or whatever. Maybe you grew out of that phase, or maybe you continued to evolve along with the games and the systems. Wherever you land on that video game spectrum, you've got to have a favorite, right? Can you pick just one? For some, it takes a little bit of thought and consideration. For others, like our weather buddy Ron Rhodes from WEHT, the answer comes quickly and with no doubt. Ron's favorite is Asteroids by the way.

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Liberty and I got excited when we saw that High Score Saloon shared a sneak peak into High Score Player 2, their new second location on Evansville's west side. We once again asked our friends on Facebook to get involved with the MY Morning Show by telling us their favorite old-school video game. See the list we compiled below.

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