Simply put, Courtney Johnson is one of the most impressive young men I've ever met. Just on the surface, he's got everything going for him - he's tall, he's in great shape, he's super handsome, and he smells amazing! But even when you get past all that superficial stuff, you quickly realize that this is a fella you need to keep your eye on. He's smart, funny, passionate and driven. Like I said, impressive.

If the name or the face seems familiar, it's probably because you've heard or seen some of the great things Courtney has been doing with Young & Established, his non-profit organization that inspires and motivates young people in Evansville.

Y&E strives to be a leading organization that actively promotes positive youth empowerment. It is the passionate desire of the Young & Established movement for youth and young adults to realize their self-worth and potential, establish and reach goals, become successful members of their communities, and to fulfill their dreams!

During one of our recent interviews with Courtney, he was kind enough to play a round of This or That with us. We love doing this, and our guests do too, because we don't about anything serious - it's all fun and silly, and it allows us all to learn more about our guests, who happen to be doing great things in our area.

How does Courtney feel about sushi? Does he have a green thumb? Did he wish he was a wizard? Are you curious about his answers? You can hear them all right now...

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