This felt very appropriate to write about today for a couple of reasons.  One is that it is Friday and everyone deserves a drink today.  The other reason being that tomorrow is Saturday and we all deserve a drink.  A very big drink at that.

Back in college, we used to have a thing called “Slap the Bag”.  It was where someone at the party had a gallon bag of wine and would share with whoever wanted a drink.  But before you took a drink you had to literally slap the bag and then take a big gulp.  Looking back probably not the most sanitary thing to do but hey, we all turned out okay….

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Anyway, the reason I bring this slapping of the bag up is that this juvenile drinking habit just got a whole lot better thanks to Chili’s.  They have decided to sell gallon bags of their margaritas.  Why?  Well, refer back to the first paragraph of this article and you’ll see why.

Okay, all jokes aside this is a great idea.  Who doesn’t love a Chili’s Margarita?  Especially when you can enjoy a bottomless supply from your couch.  Again, these to-go margs are a full gallon and the bags will have a plastic spout on them for easy pouring (and if you are feeling generous) easy sharing.  Now, as for the price, I don’t think it is too unreasonable.  Each gallon to-go marg will cost you 40 bucks.  If you are smart you can make this thing last you quite some time so I think it’s a fair deal.

I can’t imagine how popular these things would have been if we had them when was in college.  The fun of “Slap the Bag” was mainly the fact of having a huge bag of alcohol to share.  Imagine if that big bag was something you would actually enjoy?  Oh well, I’m just glad that they have them now for me and my friends to enjoy when we get together to play board games instead of partying.  #Adulting

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