How beautiful is ELSIE? She is the Fursday Pet of the Week with our friends at It Takes a Village Canine Rescue! Don't you think she'd make a perfect addition to your family!

ELSIE is a 3-month-old lab mix that came from a shelter in Daviess County. She has been spayed and she is as healthy as can be. She is ready to go with you today! The adoption fee at It Takes a Village is $185. You can always stop by ITV on Stockwell Road and see ELSIE, or any other dog, and spend some time with them to see if it's a good fit for your home.

It Takes a Village is kinda crowded right now, meaning they have a bunch of dogs that need a home. Remember that It Takes a Village is a NO KILL shelter. In fact, they rescue dogs from other shelters that might end euthanizing these dogs. If there is no room at ITV, that means more dogs could possibly lose their life. We don't want that to happen!

And don't forget that fostering a dog is always an available option. If you don't want to adopt, you can essentially dog sit for a while...until the animal get adopted or until more room opens up at ITV.

One final thing. ITV's big Canine Carnival fundraiser is happening this Saturday. Although the event is sold out and you can't necessarily attend, you can still help raise money through the online auction here.

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