I'm not sure about you, but I am missing live music something fierce! There's nothing like the rush you get at a concert watching your favorite band perform, and singing along to your favorite songs.  While I'm not sure when we'll be able to go to full scale concerts again (although with the vaccine rollout, and social distancing guidelines loosening, I'm hoping we'll be seeing concerts again sooner, rather than later), there's some great opportunities to see some great live music here locally on a much smaller scale, which is safer for the time being.

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The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana has announced a lineup for their rooftop concert series.  They're located at 212 Main Street in downtown Evansville, and have an awesome rooftop space perfect for a fun concert event. This concert series is open for everyone to enjoy of all ages, and it's free! Here's the lineup:

  • May 22- Kings Highway
  • June 12- Cage Willis/Kelsey Barr
  • June 18- NeRo AnGeLo Hip Hop Series
  • June 26: Ley Line Presented by the Song Show
  • July 30 Corduroy Orbison/ Hannah Evelyn Music
  • July 30- NeRo AnGeLo HIp-Hop Series
  • August 13- NeRo AnGeLo Hip-Hop Series
  • August 21- Angel Rhodes Music w/ Cher'Rita Horne/Emily Bernhardt
  • August 22- Sunny War presented by Under the Radar & The Song Show
  • August 27- NeRo AnGeLo Hip-Hop Series
  • September 11- Brick Briscoe & The Skinny/ Matt Sullivan
  • September 25- Big Ninja Delight/Freddie Bourne
  • More bands and dates TBA

If you're missing live music, this should definitely help fill that void, be sure to follow the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana that way you don't miss any of the shows, and you can stay up to date with added dates and bands.

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Posted by Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana on Tuesday, April 13, 2021


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