I don't think it's possible for us, as a society, to over-celebrate or over-recognize our teachers - I say, the more we can do them, the better. While I'm sure that teachers really do appreciate any and all heartfelt words, and cards, and honors, and certificates, and plaques, and the like - sometimes what people really want is some free stuff. I don't believe that the old saying "the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is just for men - I'm pretty sure the best way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. This week, McDonald's is testing that theory by offering a FREE breakfast to any and all teachers.

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McDonald's, especially the restaurants in and around the Evansville area, has always been a huge supporter of teachers, and this week (October 11-15) is just another example of that. In fact, this week is part of McDonald's "Thank You Meal" program which was created in 2020, initially, to provide free food for first responders and healthcare workers. That was a big success - over 12 million meals were handed out.

How Do I Get My Free Breakfast?

It really couldn't be more simple. Any educator (teachers, administrators, and school staff) looking to get some yummy breakfast just needs to visit a participating McDonald's location during their breakfast hours. Show them your valid school ID and you'll be good to go.

What Do I Get With My Free Breakfast?

This is where I get jealous and hungry. The educator Thank You Meal includes a breakfast sandwich, hash browns, and a drink, and it comes in a fun Happy Meal box. You'll also receive a nice "Thank You" letter. My friend Lydia, who is a teacher here in Evansville, shared a picture of the letter from her meal.

Facebook/Lydia Goodwin
Facebook/Lydia Goodwin

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