There are only FOUR Franklin St. Bazaars left in 2017! I know, crazy how fast this year has flown by. If you haven't been to a Bazaar yet, here's what you are missing:

There is something incredibly magical about the Franklin Street Bazaar. Over 100 vendors pop-up a shop of their goods, run a successful market, then disappear as quickly as they came; leaving behind a beautifully green park where just an hour ago there was a booming community of local business and their patrons. You will not want to miss everything the Bazaar has to offer! [The Franklin Street Bazaar operates every Saturday 9a-1p, Mid-June through Mid-September.

Pound in the Park
Interactive Exercise Class: Pound in the Park with instructor Lisa Clark!

Yoga on the Lawn
With a rotation of instructors. More info to come!

Live Music
Click here to view the lineup for this year!

Beats at the Bazaar
Beats at the Bazaar with drum instructors Brian Mullins or Tim Mitchell. Instruments provided, but you are welcome to bring your own!

Every Chord Counts
Every Chord Counts with guitar instructor Logan Dyer. You must bring your own guitar to these lessons, please.

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