I would like to think that most couples go into a marriage hoping and expecting it to last forever. I'm talking about "normal" people like you and me - I would put celebrity couples into a totally different category. But no matter how well-intentioned we may be, some marriages just can't be salvaged, and divorce seems like the only viable option. If/When you've reached the end of your proverbial rope, there are things to keep in mind regarding whether or not divorce is a legal option.

There Are 4 Legal Grounds for Divorce for Hoosiers

We hear the term "legal grounds" used all the time on TV and in movies, but what does that actually mean? FindLaw defines a legal ground as...

The foundation or basis on which knowledge, belief, or conviction rests. A premise, reason, or collection of data upon which something (as a legal action or argument) relies for validity.

Simply put, "grounds" are legally acceptable reasons to take action - in the case, filing for divorce. According to WomensLaw.org, these are the only four legal grounds, or reasons, a judge in Indiana can grant you a divorce.

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

1. There Was an Irretrievable Breakdown of Your Marriage

I have never heard the term "irretrievable breakdown" before, but I am familiar with the term "irreconcilable differences," which is basically the same thing. This essentially means that despite their best efforts, an individual and their spouse cannot get along with one another enough to keep the marriage alive.

2. Your Spouse Was Convicted of a Felony During Your Marriage

This one seems pretty self-explanatory. I don't need to explain any further, do I?

3. Your Spouse Was Impotent at the Time You Got Married

Yes, the use of the word "impotent" does refer to a husband's inability to have sexual relations. Don't get this confused with a lack of desire or refusal to have sex, and this also does not have anything to do with infertility or the inability to produce a child.

4. Your Spouse Was Incurably Insane for a Period of at Least Two Years

I can only assume that this particular reason would require plenty of proof - more than just a doctor's note. I don't think "Please excuse Jane Doe from this marriage because her husband is crazy" would get the job done in court.

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If you're like me, you probably find it hard to believe that things like adultery, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and maybe a dozen other reasons are not considered legal grounds for divorce in Indiana. I don't know how the law works, and it's possible those reasons fall under the umbrella of the legal grounds above - that's why it is so very important that you contact a lawyer with your questions before doing anything else.

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