She was one out of eight contestants competing for $25,000 on the Food Network’s Worst Bakers in America.  To be crowned the “Worst", the last baker standing had to show improvement in their baking skills. 

Congratulations to Melody Pfeffer of Haubstadt, Indiana who accomplished baking three desserts:  honey citrus cake, key lime pie, and macaroons.  She was invited on the show because of her epic fail macaroons - the first time she made them.  Apparently she made them again and they turned out much better.

On Melody’s Facebook page, she says:

 I just want to let you all know that my goal in being on this show was to not only improve my baking skills and check off a bucket-list item, but also to spread joy and laughter to others..... "It's OK to be bad at something... you can still laugh about it."

The Food Network reality show ran for four weeks and the season finale was broadcasted last month.

I'm so glad Melody has a great sense of humor about her cooking!  And I thought I was the worst baker ever. lol.  I've made some awful cakes...and cookies, too!  For more on her story how she became the winner on the Food Network's Worst Baker in America, please click HERE.

A week ago, the Food Network crowned Trevin Alford a 13-year old from Washington, Indiana as the best baker in the Kid’s Baking Championship, and now we have another winning baker from Indiana - who apparently is the “worst” baker.  We're so proud of both of matter!

Source:  Courier & Press

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