Five Below stores, known for their items sold between $1.00 - $5.00, are offering their customers some higher priced products up to $10.00.

While I’ve personally never been to a Five Below store, I found on their Facebook page, they sell a variety of toys, games, food, clothing items, holiday ornaments, and more.

Five Below explains that they’ve been providing their customers affordable “cool, trendy stuff” for 17 years and had to increase prices above $5 on tech items called, “Ten Below Tech” and also on some toys and games that will be in the “Ten Below Gift Shop.”

So, the big question – are we keeping our name? Yes. Most of the store remains at $5 and below.


We understand this change surprised you. We’ve already received tons of feedback – some positive, some negative, all passionate – and we want to let you know that (a) we owed you this explanation and (b) our commitment is always to offer you the best possible value on the fun, new stuff you want.....



Should “Five Below” be able to keep the same name if they’re going to being offering higher-priced items?

Personally, I don't mind that they have specially marked areas in the store with higher priced items.  You don’t have to purchase any of those products but, then again, if it’s an item you really want, it’s available to buy at a higher price than $5.00.

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