Locally-Owned Business Expanding

If you've lived in the Evansville area for a very long, you have probably seen a Frontier Liquors location. If you listen to the radio, you can probably hear the familiar 'Frontier Liquors that is' voice.

In 1984 there were 5 locations

Frontier Liquors has been around for the past 76 years. That is an amazingly long time for a family-owned business to be successful. The folks at Frontier now have a 7th location that is open at 4827 Davis Lant Dr.

Green River Commons

If you drive down North Green River road like I do, you probably didn't even know the name of the shopping area with Walgreens and Penn Station. Well, I took a closer look recently, and it has a name - Green River Commons.

D. DeWig / Canva
D. DeWig / Canva

Lucky Number 7

The newest location of Frontier Liquors looks very modern on the inside. Take a look at this sneak peek on social media.

More Shopping, Dining, and Jobs

In the past year and a half, we've seen a lot of new spots open, providing some great opportunities.

  • Marshalls
  • Dollar General
  • Bubba's 33
  • Crumbl Cookies
  • Jersey Mike's
  • The Good Feet Store
  • Plank Nutrition Bar
  • The Thrift Store By Evansville Rescue Mission
  • Mission Grounds Coffee
  • Speedway Gas Station
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Look Into the Future

We've heard about so many new businesses that will be opening by the end of 2022 in Evansville.

  • Bruster's Real Ice Cream
  • Finish Line Car Wash
  • The Peach Cobbler Factory
  • Lawman Tactical Guntry Club
  • Dollar Tree
  • The Hills Church

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