It kind of feels like it's been years since we have had events to talk about and go to. And now that we are cautiously getting out and seeing friends and attending events, it's exciting to get ready for a fun weekend in Evansville.

Oh yes, there are several fun events scheduled for Saturday. The good news is that they are all timed out, so we can go to more than one, and pack in a super fun weekend. Brant Flores is the President of the Executive Team of HOLA, a nonprofit which began as an initial bridge between Latinos and many of the organizations and services available in the community.

He stopped by the studio to let us know about the Hola Festival at Bosse Field. Of course, we didn't get to have the annual festival last year, but the 8th annual event is going to be huge!

Bobby Brant Liberty
Bobby Brant Liberty

The Hola Festival is the premier cultural event in our area with international award-winning entertainment, over 30 international food vendors, and fun for the entire family.

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The HOLA Latino Festival is coming back on August 28th!!
El Festival viene con todo este 28 de Agosto!!

Los Chavos del Rancho
Brazeros Musical de Durango
Alianza Sierrena
La Obra de Selena

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