Between people stealing our identities online, Amazon scams and everything else we have to worry about these days, Historic Newburgh Inc. has a new scam to deal with.

Someone that we'll just refer to as 'Grinch' has been tricking people into buying vendor space at the Christmas Market, but this person has nothing to do with Historic Newburgh. The victims of this scam think that they have a space, because they paid through PayPal. In these cases, messages exchanged on Facebook were not from Historic Newburgh Inc or Historic Newburgh Farmers Market. The scammer is claiming to have spots open for vendors, but again, this is not from any authorized source.

We talked with Event Coordinator, Amber Kelly about this strange scam.

Authorized individuals to communicate with are:
Troy Wells, Executive Director -
Amber Kelly, Event Coordinator - or
Tiffany Bonnell, event co-chair and board member -
Stacey Cobb, event co-chair and board member -

This is not the first time a scam like this has hit Historic Newburgh Inc. Last month, people were selling fake tickets to the Ghost Walks. To be safe when purchasing anything online, make sure you know who you are communicating with, and take screenshots!

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