A word that has become more and more prevalent over the last several years is "inclusion," and I couldn't be happier about that. We now know, more than ever, how some people - especially young people - learn and grow, and the types of environments that are most conducive to that. Another word that we hear more often, in regards to this topic, is "sensory-friendly," and the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library (EVPL) is trying to create the best possible experience for all of their guests, including those with special sensory-related needs.

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The EVPL just announced a new partnership with Driving for Change, Sensory Inclusion, which was created by a young man right here in Evansville - a senior at Evansville Day School named Tyler Myers. Through this partnership, sensory-friendly bags will soon be available at all EVPL locations for anyone who needs one. The bags will include noise-canceling headphones, sensory activities, and more.

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Driving for Change, Sensory Inclusion doesn't want to stop with the library - their hope is to raise awareness for other sensory-friendly locations in our community. EVPL CEO-Director Scott Kinney says, “We are excited to announce this partnership with Driving for Change, Sensory Inclusion. We recognize each person has their own sensory needs. Through our collaboration with Tyler, we hope these bags will assist in
creating a welcoming library experience for all.”

In addition to the bags at each location, EVPL's Central branch, located in downtown Evansville, has its own Sensory Room, where children with
sensory processing differences or other challenging conditions can find a calm, sensory-friendly space.

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