National Library Week was created back in 1958 by the American Library Association. Each year since, all types of libraries - school, public, academic and special - participate, and the Evansville Public Library is no exception. This year, you're invited to celebrate National Library Week from April 4-10. This year's theme is "Welcome to Your Library," which seems really fitting considering the last year we've had. Many of us, myself included, have not been to the library in a long time, so it feels almost like we need to be reintroduced to the library and all of its services and programs.

So, how does one celebrate National Library Week? That answer seems simple - how about you start by visiting a library near you. The Evansville Public Library has eight different locations all around town - you're never too far away from one. And even if you still don't feel comfortable getting out, you can always hop online and visit the library virtually at

You should know by now that the library has way more to offer than just books. I'll admit I'm not much of a reader (understatement of the year), but I'm a frequent visitor to the library because of its huge selection of music, TV shows, and movies, all for FREE - it's a great resource. Sidenote: Did you know the EVPL has been around for more than a century? That fact blew my mind!

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In 2020, while so many businesses were shut down and closed, the EVPL seemed busier than ever...

In 2020, EVPL offered more than 300 digital programs that were viewed over 407,000 times. Nearly 1.6 million physical items were checked out from the library and over 850,000 digital materials were borrowed. Our summer reading participants read for the equivalent of more than 350 days. Fall 2020 Early Voting hosted at EVPL locations welcomed 23,455 voters.

In case you need a reminder, EVPL locations are back open to the public, so stop by one of the eight following locations, get yourself a library card, and take advantage of all the services available to you. Honestly, you'd be silly not to. I'm gonna hop off my soapbox now.

Evansville Public Library Locations

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