The search for the Grey Lady is still alive and well at Willard Library, and they recently shared a video of some pretty convincing evidence!

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Evansville's Most Notorious Ghost

If you're familiar with haunted Evansville history, there's no doubt you have at least heard of the Grey Lady.  The Grey Lady is said to haunt Willard Library off Evansville's First Avenue.  If you've ever been to Willard Library you know what a truly beautiful Victorian Gothic-style building the library is, it opened in 1885.


Who is the Grey Lady?

According to Willard Library, no one truly knows who the Grey Lady is, but it is widely speculated that she is the ghost of Louise Carpenter the daughter of Willard Library founder, Willard Carpenter.

The first sighting of The Grey Lady happened in 1937.  It was around 3AM and she was seen by the custodian who came in to start the furnace for the day. It's said he walked down the hall and bumped into a figure which looked to be a woman wearing a long dress and grey shawl, as he watched she faded into the darkness.  From that day on many have experienced strange encounters at the library.


Pretty Convincing Evidence

People from all over tune into the Willard Library Ghost Cams, where they live stream different areas of the library 24/7, and people can watch to see if they catch the Grey Lady.  This footage that Willard Library shared on Facebook was actually a video caught in November of 2021, where a book fell off the shelf for seemingly no reason. According to the time stamp, the video takes place at 10:43 PM so it wasn't a time when anyone would be in the library.  Check out the video and see what you think:

Catch a Glimpse of the Grey Lady Yourself

You can try to catch a glimpse of the Grey Lady yourself by watching the Willard Library Ghost Cams online.  Who knows, maybe you'll spot something spooky! And you can always follow Willard Library on Facebook to keep up to date with everything going on, they usually host fun ghost tours and things around Halloween, so be sure to keep an eye out for that too!

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