Just in time for Thanksgiving, the new and improved Aldi located on Oak Grove Rd & Burkhardt is now open! The official Grand Re-Opening is Thursday 11/16 at 9am. The first 100 customers will have a chance to win free groceries.

What has changed? For starters, there are no longer parking spaces along the front of the store.

The wine and beer section is in the same aisle it was before. It looks like there are a lot more selections.

Expanded wine selection. Photo by Liberty

The larger produce section is now located on the left side of the store. I found it to be a lot easier to get to.

Photo by Liberty

The produce area has been expanded, and I found a nice selection of bagged lettuce, that I didn't see before.

Nice Fresh Produce Area. Photo by Liberty

The dairy section is now along the left side of the store.

Photo by Liberty

The aisles are wider! I didn't feel like I was stuck in a maze.

Photo by Liberty

I found an entire section of Gluten Free products, and more Organic foods.

Photo by Liberty