I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween! If Doug & Chase would do it, we would totally dress in a different theme every year. That will probably never happen (Unless we get Incredibles costumes)!

Chase's First Costume. Photo by Liberty

I have a few super cute costumes that Chase wore when he was younger. They don't fit him anymore, not that I could get him to be Mickey Mouse again.

Five Nights At Freddy's Photo by Liberty

Buying new costumes every year can get expensive, too. I think I bought 3 Woody costumes!

1 of at least 3 Woody costumes. Photo by Liberty

But what do you do with your old costumes? The 1st Annual Great Halloween Costume Swap hosted by EVPL is a cool event  that will give your old costumes new life & save you some money! Beginning Monday September 25th, you can drop off gently used costumes at the East Branch, West Branch, Central, Red Bank, North Park, Oaklyn and McCollough EVPL locations. You can bring in up to 5 costumes. You'll receive a voucher for each one. Then on October 14th, you can redeem your voucher for a "New to You" costume. The swap will be held at Central library from 9a-12p.