I can only imagine how difficult this prolonged quarantine period has been on people who are stuck at home and living alone. I am incredibly blessed to be able to continue to go to work each day where I see some of my best friends. And I'm even more blessed to come home to house full of people I love more than anything in the world.

I often need to stop for a minute and think about people who, for whatever reason, are in a way different situation than I am. When I do that, I quickly understand how hard this situation must be. It's easy for me to take for granted how important human contact or interaction can be in our lives. I think to myself, what in the world can isolated people do to keep themselves happy, healthy, safe and sane during this unprecedented time?

That's one of the questions we recently asked Lisa Seif on the MY Morning Show with Bobby & Liberty. Lisa is a private psychotherapist who has been in the prevention, intervention, and treatment field since 1983. She has a whole bunch of letters after her name (LCSW, LCAC and CSAMS) which tells me she knows what she's talking about. We (me and you) should listen to what she has to say.

Here are more suggestions to help get you through your days at home.


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