Roca Bar Pizza is moving to a new location, and you can enjoy it very soon!

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Roca Bar Pizza

Roca Bar Pizza is known for being "Evansville's First Pizza" which they served up starting in 1953.  Ever since then, you could grab an una-style pizza at Roca Bar's location on S. Kentucky Avenue. However, according to their sign, Roca Bar has called this particular location home since 1943. Back in April, Roca Bar took to Facebook to announce that they would be closing their original location, but are opening a brand new location off Washington Avenue near Green River Road.

Google Maps
Google Maps

New Location Same Pizza

While this is the end of an era for the original Roca Bar building, they will still be serving up the delicious Roca Bar signature una-style pizza that we've enjoyed for many decades.  Many comments on Facebook asked if they would be bringing their pizza ovens to the new location, and Roca Bar commented saying that the pizza ovens they've always used will be coming to the new location, so you don't have to worry it will still be the exact same Roca Bar pizza.

Kat Mykals/ 103 GBF
Kat Mykals/ 103 GBF

Roca Bar's New Location Opens May 15th

Roca Bar took to Facebook to announce that we can check out the new location, very soon! In fact, the new location will be opening soon, on May 15th.

Since 1943, Roca Bar of Evansville, has been serving up deliciousness in the community—we have something exciting to announce!
The original Roca Bar of Evansville—Evansville’s first pizza joint, will move to a new, larger location MONDAY, May 15th 2023.
Meet us there and let’s continue to make decades more of memories…
Roca Bar of Evansville
4600 Washington Ave
Evansville, IN 47715
Roca Bar even shared a new logo, which is really cool! It has a retro feel, and I love the hidden basketball in the logo paying homage to Indiana's rich history with basketball.

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