Liberty and I are fortunate to talk to a bunch of representatives from so many great local organizations. During a normal interview situation, we have the chance to meet them when they come in to the radio station. Even when that's the case, we don't really have a whole lot of time to just hang out and get to know them, and when we're on the air with them, we usually have to get right into the topic or our interview.

In many cases, we might only meet and interview someone one time, or maybe once a year for an annual event. There are certainly some folks that we talk to on a more regular basis, but even then, we don't normally talk about much more than their organization or their event. What I'm saying is that we don't even get to know them on a personal level. Often times to us, and almost exclusively to the listener, all we know is a name and a title, but these people are much more than that.

I found that I am more engaged, more invested in an event or a cause when I have a personal connection with someone from that organization. We bet that you probably feel the same way, and that's why we started playing a fun little game called This or That with all of our guests. It's a really simple game that accomplishes a couple things. First, it gives us all a chance to learn just a little bit more about the person we're talking to - nothing serious or too deep, just fun stuff. Second, it's a great icebreaker that hopefully puts our guest at ease and takes away any nerves they might be feeling.

This episode of This or That features Leslie Fella from the Evansville Regional Airport.

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