Over the weekend I noticed several posts on social media and a lengthy conversation on Nextdoor about the number of low-flying planes we had in the Evansville and Newburgh areas. I live very close to Evansville Regional and Tri-State Aero, so I noticed it too.

Tommy Kwak
Tommy Kwak

Q & A From Nextdoor App

"Anyone noticing an extraordinary number of jets flying over tonight?" ~ Cindy R.

"Yes...I mentioned it to my family...planes, and helicopters. Initially remarked that it must be a serious accident somewhere (we are close to Gateway), but then thought that we must be on an alternate flight path...but there was no exceptional weather. Also thought it could be military night training from Ft. Campbell. They definitely sounded connected. If it was touch-and-go practice...why at night? And I thought that was banned. For those of us who were here during the Drury Inn crash, I wish they would pick a different city." ~ Kathy A.

Jason Gillett is the Director of Operations and Maintenance at Evansville Regional Airport. He posted some information that should help clear up this mystery.

"Sorry touch-and-go landings are not banned. We have many, if not dozens daily at EVV. Yes, we have had an uptick in training flights at the airport. We usually get spurts where military traffic increases as pilots change up their flight training."

This isn't the first time that we've noticed an uptick in unusually loud planes.
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160th SOAR Ft. Campbell, KY

I did see a couple of comments that mentioned the 160th SOAR out of Ft. Campbell could be doing some night training here in Evansville. Take a look at what they do in this video!

Expect More Flights Through Evansville Regional Airport


This week, Delta's mainline service returns to Evansville Regional, and you can fly first-class EVV-ATL on Boeing’s 717 110-passenger aircraft.

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