Something that has always amazed me, impressed me, and made me proud is how the Tri-State responds to those in need, wherever they may be. Whenever a community is hurting, no matter where that community is, Evansville and the Tri-State are there to lend a helping hand. We've seen it time and time again, whether is because of flooding, tornados, or some other natural disaster, or a community in mourning after a tragic event. Our response might be a blood drive or collecting bottled water or other supplies - or it might be a simple gesture just to let them know other folks are thinking about them.

I saw some pictures this morning and read a story that brought a smile to my face and made my stomach grumble a little bit. The Evansville Police Department wanted to show support for the Boulder Police Department in Colorado, as they continue to mourn the loss of one of their officers along with the nine other people who lost their lives in this week's grocery store shooting.

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What's the best way to cheer up a bunch of cops? With a bunch of doughnuts of course (I guess it's okay to use that stereotype if it's from one group of cops to another) - and I don't think any cop would be mad about the stereotype when it means they're getting Parlor Doughnuts. I mean, just about any kind of doughnut is yummy, but Parlor Doughnuts are on a whole 'nother level.

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