This is one of those dumb criminal stories you hear about in Florida, but it happened in Downtown Evansville. Our 3rd shift Evansville police officers get some of the most interesting cases from those that are up to no good.

I drive into work in the wee hours of the night or early morning, depending on how you look at it. I'm talking 4:00 AM, the time of the day that if you are out you are probably heading to or from work, going to the gym or you're one of those that is up to no good.

WHILE THE CITY WAS SLEEPING: Filed under “How Not To Commit The Perfect Crime”. If you are going to take something, grab something big—REALLY big—like a massive cherry-picker. And steal one that is orange. And loud. Then make your getaway down a discreet side street…say, Riverside Drive. Finally, being highly intoxicated will increase the odds of pulling this off—which you didn’t. EPD Third Shift; keeping the streets of Evansville safe since


The comments on Facebook are hilarious!

Ashley Swope "I mean everyone's complaining that no one wants to work and finally someone trying to do a good deed and trim all the trees while everyone sleeps."

Julia Mayo Lee “Hold my beer…”

Jason Turner "Not to mention that the top speed of that think is like 4 mph."

Jen White "That’s hilarious! Kudos to the police who caught him and also kudos to the person who wrote this hilarious post!"


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